Optimization in general, is the search for a feasible operational policy that maximizes or minimizes the value of the objective function.
Hydropower is non-linear function though the operation problems in hydropower are non-linear problems. The best solution to non-linear problems can be obtained by application of non-linear optimization techniques.
Optimal operation of hydropower systems, reservoir(s) and associated power station(s) depends on a large number of variables and constraints, which interact in an infinite number of combinations. Therefore is extremely complex to derive in advance, a universal operating rule that would allow Optimal operation in all situations.
Real-time optimization overcomes the problem by analyzing each combination of variables as it happens (in real-time) and provides an optimum operating rule for each particular situation. The derived operating rule can be applied immediately.

MAXHYDRO is an excellent tool for Real Time operation of Hydropower Systems. It provides an optimal or best-fit solution to the operational dilemmas faced by hydropower system operators.

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What is MaxHydro?

MaxHydro is a set of interlinked computer programs that can be used as a decision support tool for hydropower system planning, analysis and operation. Using a mathematical model of a hydropower system, the programs provide an optimal or best-fit solution to the operational dilemmas faced by hydropower system operators. Use of the program can result in significant improvements to daily energy production or revenues. It is an optimization program because it is based on mathematical formulation of the hydropower system and provides an optimal solution to the problem depending on the selected objective function taking into account numerous constraints.

Long term reservoir operation of hydropower stations
Short term Real-Time reservoir operation any 1/4, 1/2 or 1 hourly time steps
Excellent tool for planning of energy production for new hydropower schemes
Multi purpose reservoir modeling and analysis-Including irrigation and water supply
Hydrothermal coordination

MAXHYDRO features include:

  • Easy to setup and easy to use program
  • Based on proven optimization techniques
  • Fast and incredibly accurate
  • Easy to model take into account various system constraints
  • Options to create new project, save and open existing projects for different scenarios
  • Build-in help system
  • WWW interface can be developed on request
  • Customization available on request
  • Can be run remotely on our cloud servers


Benefits from MaxHydro


MaxHydro has been used by engineering teams in different countries as a very cost effective, simple to use and powerful software solution for the hydropower industry.
MaxHydro optimization can benefit the hydropower systems owners and operators by increasing system output in more than 2% and by increasing the hydropower system benefits in deregulated market environment by more than 5%.

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Ontario Power Generation - Canada 


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