Customization and changes


Even though MaxHydro is very complete software we recognize that it may not cover all possible scenarios and circumstances. That is the may reason why we offer customization on all aspects of the program. If you prefer different user interface, or output results, additional input parameters and/or constraints we will be able to help. We have expertise and knowledge to do the job quickly and efficiently. Please email us and will discuss it further and let you know the time and the price to complete the project.









 MaxHydro Web Interface


We have experience programmers that can port MaxHydro to a database server, like MSSQL, ORACLE, INFORMIX, IBM DB2, MYSQL, FIREBIRD/INTERBASE

We develop web sites on IIS 7 and .NET, Apache and PHP and have developed many portals or web interfaces connected to database servers.

Remote Desktop to MaxHydro on our cloud servers


We offer remote desktops connected to Allocate to run MaxHydro on our cloud servers. We will set up MaxHydro on our servers and issue user id and password. You will be able to run Allocate remotely and we will take care of all hassle to set it up and keep it up to date.  Please email us if interested.









Optimal unit allocation software


for Windows - all versions



Hydropower optimization software


for Windows - all versions

WWW development

WWW interface to Allocate or MaxHydro


Customization and changes to suit your needs

iPhone, iPad or Smart phone pages

SQL Database back end on request

Remote Cloud Services

Run Allocate or MaxHydro remotely on our servers

We will help to setup and update

Backup and email your data periodically

Interactively train and help your staff 

Help you with interpretation of results