System Layouts

Version 3.0 of MaxHydro can accommodate up to nine (9) reservoirs and associated power stations in one optimization. With the introduction of "system decomposition" additional reservoirs downstream from the main reservoirs

 can be included in the optimization as a simulation reservoirs with pre-defined operating rules. The benefits obtained from the additional reservoirs are included in the overall object

ive function and the global optimal solution of the system is obtained. MaxHydro can easily switch between different system layouts by a click of a button.

Input data depends on the optimization criteria chosen in the initial setup and number or reservoirs included in the optimization.

Getting Started

In the options dialog the user formulates the optimization problem by defining:

Setup Options

The system layout (series/parallel)
Number of reservoirs
Objective function
Numerical discretization, time steps (more than 600 time steps)
Start up costs and ramping constraints
Minimum and maximum discharge and other constraints
The following are some screen shots from MaxHydro's input data:


Optimization Criteria

• Maximization of energy

• Maximization of benefit

• Minimization of squared differences from a given power profile

• Maximization of benefits in a mixed hydro-thermal system with Export/Import

• Minimization of costs in a mixed hydro-thermal system

For more details about the input process and variables please have a look at the MaxHydro demo pages.


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